Author: NickolayYefremov 
October, 2020

It is not that complicated to design a large-sized acoustic system for big spaces. This niche has been captured by Public Address companies. Whereas there is only a handful of audiophile systems the sound of which can impress you in a larger listening room. It is not easy to mix the sound correctly, to synchronize a large number of tweeters and to shape the bass in order to avoid distortions if the speakers are positioned too close to the walls.

Author: NickolayYefremov
March 2020

Sonus Victor Mezzaluna acoustic systems
These speakers are only called bookshelf speakers. In fact they are much heavier and larger than typical Hi-Fi speakers. Sonus Victor does not compromise. This compact by the manufactures standards model weighs 50 kg and is a 3-way system with a massive 10-inch bass driver. Now all we have to do is to figure out whether sound quality benefits from this solidity

Author: Maxim Naumov

Sonus Victor and Tarim Audio system test was published on our website recently and caused a heated discussion in the comments. Someone discussed the design, someone talked about circuit design, but I came here the day before the exhibition and recorded everything in detail. So, I invite you to listen.

Акустические системы Sonus Victor SV-350S

Author: Nickolay Yefremov (
May 2017

I’m intentionally refraining from a ”signature acoustics” introduction, as any project has its creators and it doesn’t matter how many of them – the result is what’s more important. But today’s case is exceptional. Systems that we are about to listen were not created by a team of specialized experts, but by one person that had set himself specific objectives with understanding of how to achieve them.

Sonus Victor SV 400   

Author: Max Naumov

Imagine exploring High End sound saloons in search of truly Italian equipment and then finding that it has actually been developed and assembled by a former Russian. However, the “Made in Italy” label alongside the Sonus Victor logo has no contradiction with reality whatsoever.

Тест акустической системы Sonus Victor SV-400 на портале Auro 3D

Author: Nikolay Efremov

It took me quite some time to decide in which section to post this publication - Home Theaters or Audio sets. Such a thoughtfully picked out selection of components that has everything - from an audiophile’s turntable to an officially certified Auro 3D system – were met in one for the first time in my practice.

Loudspeaker SV-400 at Hi-Fi & High End Show-2016 exhibition

Author: Dmitry Filimoshin

You can certainly describe Sonus Victor acoustics as equipment of traditionally high quality and in possession of a family trait. Very high resolution, detail and musicality - are too simplified characteristics for Sonus Victor. This equipment of unique characteristics rivets attention and does not let go. We need to listen and surely to try different genres.

Original release:

Sonus Victor acoustic

If the Hi-Fi & Hi-End Show 2015 exhibition had awarded medals, the Gong-Stereo brand would have certainly received "gold". The brilliant fidelity of their sound system made the guests stretch time while hanging out with the air of connoisseurs in the listening room and then leaving with clicking their tongues – that system is The System…

Interestingly, the component setup (see main photo) has been compiled of components from completely different manufacturers that didn’t combine in design but provided with a strikingly powerful and beautiful sound.