Author: Nickolay Yefremov (
May 2017

I’m intentionally refraining from a ”signature acoustics” introduction, as any project has its creators and it doesn’t matter how many of them – the result is what’s more important. But today’s case is exceptional. Systems that we are about to listen were not created by a team of specialized experts, but by one person that had set himself specific objectives with understanding of how to achieve them.

We are already familiar with Sonus Victor acoustics, but the person standing behind this serious project had remained in the shadows. This is our former compatriot Victor Porkalov, who has lived in Italy for over 25 years. In 2011 he founded his own Sonus Victor company in Verona where he simultaneously performs the tasks of an engineer, designer, redwood craftsman and marketing expert. This kind of arrangement makes it convenient by not having to reach endless agreements, and upon deciding to create something, Victor develops a project and launches its implementation with a small group of assistants.

When listening to a higher model SV-400 I was confident that it was really the edge – both from the engineering point of view as well as by the uncompromising implementation. But as it turned out the author himself wasn’t completely satisfied with the results and had ventured a new project – a system of same dimensions but with a further precise, refined and more lively sound. The remainder was to translate these terms into a technical language and procure materialization.