Moscow Audio Show - Exhibition audio equipment
Class High End, organized by the Association of Producers and Distributors.

We are waiting for you on the 2nd to 4th November 2013 at:

127486, Moscow, Korovinskoe Highway, Building 10 - Ladoga room

Phone: (495) 937-60-40/42

Hotel Iris Congress Hotel

For more information:
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«SONUS VICTOR» takes part in Moscow Hi-End Show 2013 - the first exhibition of audio equipment of the highest quality, which will be held from 8th to 10th November at the hotel Holiday Inn Simonovsky at Simonovskiy Val, 2

 - the first specialized Russian exhibition focused on pure High End Audio.
The concept of MHES - promoting the ideas and values of High End Audio: high quality music performance, natural connection of High End Audio with engineering art and musical culture.
Main features of Moscow Hi-End Show:
• Premium segment of home audio market : the main content of MHES are Hi-End home audio systems; this exhibition aims to demonstrate high-quality music reproduction in a comfortable environment as close to home as possible;
• Exhibitors - distributors, manufacturers, installation companies and dealers to promote products and services in the field of High End Audio;
• Target audience - all lovers of music and high quality audio, market professionals : distributors, manufacturers, dealers, stores, installation companies, representatives of related professions and industries, specialized media;
• Moscow Hi-End Show is held at the Holiday Inn Simonovskiy ****, located in the central area of Moscow with convenient transport access and spacious suites and rooms, convenient to display and listen to the audio systems of other participants;
• Geography of visitors - Moscow and Moscow region, Russian regions and foreign countries.

We invite you to visit our booth on the 2nd floor in room number 235
Admission to the exhibition free.

Schedule shows:
November 8 (Friday) from 11 am to 19 pm hours
November 9 (Saturday) from 11 am to 19 pm hours
November 10 (Sunday) from 11 am to 17 pm hours

Chiunque volesse ascoltare i propri CD sui nostri diffusori può contattarci via e-mail o telefonicamente per fissare un appuntamento.

La saletta d'ascolto è a Lugagnano in provincia di Verona.
Sarò felice di accogliervi!